Thursday, January 20, 2011

valentine doily

Wow! I have actually finished something! That doesn't seem to be happening a lot around here lately. I'm still feeling worn down this week but I have had bursts of energy. When I am feeling good I try to get some crafting done. I'm sure this snow isn't helping my energy. Snow makes me want to stay cozied up in my bed all day!

I made this doily for Valentine's Day but because I made it in a denim color I think it will look good anytime of the year! I love the shape of the hearts!

pattern found here


Jenny Holiday said...

oooh this is sooo sweet!! GREAT job!! How long did it take?

So wish I could crochet!!

super sweet!

xo Jenny

Carol Anne said...

Jenny, it took 5 days only because I did a little at a time. It wouldn't typically take that long. It was a pretty easy pattern. It could be done in one sitting if I didn't get so easily distracted haha!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely doily! I will have to check out the pattern. Looks like something I could do. I haven't been crafting much lately either. Just not enough hours in the day for everything. Hope you are feeling more energized! Best wishes, Tammy

Donna's Decembers said...

I love all the modern twists that are being implemented with crochet! It warms my heart to think this art will be around for at least another generation :)

amy lapi said...

that is sooo pretty.. i want them hanging all over my house! i am SO down for another trade sometime soon if you're interested!!!

Becky Farley said...

hehehe that's how I feel! :)
It's perfect!!!