Saturday, October 2, 2010

Olde Tyme Apple Festival & 5K

One thing I love about Fall is the festivals. The Olde Tyme Apple Festival in a town near us was today and had a 5K race and a parade. This morning we woke up suuuuper early (4:30 for me... yuck!) so Seth could run in the 5K.

even Kizzy doesn't function well this early in the morning!

He achieved a PR in this race. 26 minutes 9 seconds.

He also placed 3rd in his age division. Again I'm so proud! I love that he is doing these races. He enjoys them so much!

The parade was a lot of fun! I was really disappointed though that the marching bands started farther down the road. Who skips part of a parade like that!?

But the few random cars pulling out of the Walmart parking lot not realizing they were entering in the middle of the parade line made up for it! It was hilarious seeing their shocked faces when they realized they were stuck awkwardly driving slowly down the road while kids yelled at them to throw candy! :)

Here are a few of my favorites from the parade.
The coolest cop car ever!

These kids were so cute! They were skipping down the road while the guy behind them sang the song from Mary Poppins! By far my favorite part of the entire parade!

After the parade we tried to fight the crazy crowds to find a parking spot closer to all the vendors and booths. It took us forever to find a spot! And we still had to walk a good distance. I scored a few awesome things but I will have to try to take a picture of them tomorrow to show you.

Do you have any interesting festivals where you live?


Jazmyn Alexandria said...

I wish there were neat festivals like this around where I live. There might be but I just don't know about oh well lol!

Little Sugar Monster

tegan said...

we don't have anything quite like that - we have a gala night around christmas time when we turn on all of the christmas lights in town, and there are stalls and rides etc.. but nothing like that! so cute and american! xo

Campfire Chic said...

The city I currently live in had a corn festival a few months back! It was super random to hear about's in Northern Orange County, where you would assume all festivals would celebrate, well, oranges! Nope, not this one. RANDOM.

Kayla said...

My favorite festival that I look forward to every year is the Pumpkin Festival in Hartsburg, MO. So many pumpkins, crafts, and fair foods!! ♥it!