Sunday, December 20, 2009

So busy!

So I know I seem to be ignoring the blog but I promise I don't mean to! I've been busy making last minute Christmas gifts, finish decorating & cleaning my home. (we are having Christmas at our place this year so I have to actually make it presentable!)

Friday night I got to chat with Lindsay from Pixies & Bears. I attempted to teach her to crochet. She did a wonderful job considering I'm not that great at explaining things! My fingers kept getting in the way of the camera and I'm not that great with explaining what I'm doing! But we got the foundation chain & the first row of single crochet! I was proud of her!

I received a card from her & a card and hair clip from Amy. I will take pictures of them tomorrow when there is better light and post them on here. They both did a great job! I love getting mail!

Last night Seth & I with some friends went to see Avatar. I really had no idea what to expect. I hadn't seem much about it except a few things on the late night shows. Other than that I had no idea what it was about. I must say I was impressed! If you have the chance to see it in 3D definitely do! It's very beautiful!

Again I apologize for the lack of updates but I'm hoping to focus more starting next month. I want to redo a lot of this blog and I'm thinking up a giveaway for next month so keep an eye out for that! I hope I don't lose my readers before then! I love all of you I promise! Reading your comments always make me smile! This holiday season has just been super busy!



Emilie Lynne said...

Do you guys all do your chats on Skype or something else? I wanna join in sometime!

Lindsay said...

I had a blast Friday, you are a great teacher!! Thank you so much for teaching me, we have to do it again soon!! I really do miss your blogs and look forward to your giveaway. You won't lose me as a reader, PROMISE! Looking forward to you posting more :D I wasn't interested in seeing Avatar but I'm hearing such good things about it. I think I will have to see it now! Looooveee Youuuu!!

Carrie said...

I would love to do a chat sometime too!

Have a great day!