Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you!

I told you I was going to post pictures of the cards I received yesterday but you know me... I never get things done when I say I do... I need to work on that! But I did today!

Thank you Lindsay for this colorful card!

The inside has a super cute snowman family!

And thank you Amy for your card! For someone who doesn't like scrapbooking you did a wonderful job!!

And she made the cutest owl hairclip! A few years ago she made me one with a yellow flower. I loved it soooo much! I wore it everyday but then someone took it out of my hair and placed it somewhere. We never could find it. I was sad! But she made an even cuter one!

Now hopefully I can find time before Friday to fingerknit a garland to display them!

I have still been busy making gifts for my family! I'm alllllmost finished! I keep getting some good ideas for my shop while I work! I can't wait until after the holidays so I can get to work on some of these ideas!


Lindsay said...

you are so sweet for posting my card up! lol I love the owl clip it's super adorable!! Blogging tonight about my AMAZING package from you!! LOVE YOU!! oh and there is a chat tonight you have to join!!!!!!

Carrie said...

cute cards and I love the clip :D

Jamie said...

What a cute hair clip!!!!
Yes, you must join the chat tonite!!!!! Hope you're having a great day!!!

Tammy said...

Oh the Owl hair clip is sooo fantastic!

Sonja said...

That is such a cute hair clip! I love the cards too, they are both so cute! Merry Christmas!