Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ashley is awesome!

Notice my awesome new blog header and button? I want to thank Ashley from Almost Exactly for doing such an amazing job! Now you can add my blog button to your blog if you'd like! The code is on the side. Thank you Ashley so much! Make sure to visit her blog as well at

That Is Charming
My brother showed us about AutoTune on youtube. We have been having fun finding parodies using AutoTune. Our favorite is the Charlie Bit Me video.

Today we spent the day walking around the square at Winterset. I will post a couple pictures later.


Lindsay said...

wow she did awesome!! I'm adding your new blog button now!! I bought you some awesome goodies today to go in your box!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!

Miss Wanderlust said...

Ashley really is soooo awesome!!
SHe is insanely talented with that and a million other things :)
I love the new header and button.
sooooo cool!
Happy New Year!!

Nellie Mae said...

Love the new header!!

Sonja said...

HAHA I love the video so cute!! Baby teeth are the worst to get bitten by! I love the colors Ashley used! The blue and purple are great together!

Mrs. Potts said...

Love the new header & button! Don't you love new things? :)

Happy New Year!