Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Seth!

Today we were really bored so Seth drew a picture of this alien-looking boy and asked if I would embroider it and make a pillow with it for his birthday tomorrow. I really hadn't done embroidery or sewing before so I wasn't sure but why not try? So I went to our local yarn shop and got some embroidery thread and started working on it. I just finished making the pillow. It looks pretty pathetic. And the embroidery isn't all that great either. That is what happens when you try to make things up as you go. However Seth really loved it. (I gave it to him early.) That's all that matters right? Good thing he has another small gift coming in mail!

A couple parts of the embroidery kind of came loose as I was stuffing the pillow. It's also lopsided. And you can see the loose threads from the other side of the fabric so if anybody can give me advice for next time let me know in the comments! I would really appreciate some advice! Like I said I pretty much made everything up as I went! ha!

Anyway in about an hour and 15 minutes Seth will be 26 so Happy Birthday Seth! <3

Tomorrow = blackberry cobbler and ice cream... yum!

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