Tuesday, March 8, 2011

an outfit post?

I haven't been feeling real well lately which explains the quietness around here the past few days. I haven't had much energy to do anything worth sharing on here & even if I did, posting it seems to be taking more energy than usual. Which is why I'm sharing an outfit post from Saturday on Tuesday night!

I'm not one to do outfit posts. I hardly even know how to dress cute! But Saturday when I had worked up some energy we decided to go to Pittsburg, KS to walk around. I had bought this outfit right after Christmas but never had the occasion. I normally wear jeans and tshirts but felt like dressing up just because this weekend before it warmed up to much to wear it!

romper: charlotte russe
cardigan: rue 21 (I think)
belt: charlotte russe
tights: tjmaxx
shoes: walmart
necklace: cottonlane on etsy


Elora said...

You do so know how to dress cute! You look fantastic :D

Meg said...

You look great, love this outfit!
I hope you are feeling better!

Dianna said...