Thursday, March 3, 2011

candle making

Seth decided he wanted to try to make our own candles so he went to Michael's and bought a candle making kit & some cinnamon fragrance.

We tried it out on Tuesday night. We made up our own version of a double boiler and melted the soy wax. Even though they were going to be cinnamon scented I didn't want to just go with the typical red coloring & chose to do purple instead so we mixed the blue & red dye to make this pretty purple color.

We had a little extra wax left over so I found a little jar I had laying around & we poured the remaining wax into it for a smaller candle.

The scent is so strong & lovely! The house smells wonderful even when the candles aren't lit!

We had a lot of fun and it was a lot easier than we expected. We will definitely be trying some more candle making!


Kayla said...

I would love to try making candles! My mom has made some before but I would definitely like to try to make my own....yours looks lovely!


Carrie said...

we love making candles old crayons work good mixed in the wax the colors look good :)

Mandi @ make it dear said...

ooo fun! love your new blog design too :)

Elora said...

Mm yum! This makes me wanna make candles. Yours look great, I love the jar idea!

@Ly$$@ said...

I want to try this. Our church has started a womans craft night, I'm going to propose this as a craft!