Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guest Post: Kam (Campfire Chic) - Felt Tissue Holder Tutorial

Hi! I'm Kam, aka Campfire Chic, and while Carol is busy moving I'm popping in with a little DIY. I like being able to make crafts in the time it takes to watch Modern Family. You can make a handful of these puppies during one episode! I hope you enjoy it :]

This craft is quick and easy. In fact, it is a perfect craft to do with kids (adult supervision is recommended) or as a last minute gift!

Felt Tissue Holder
Materials Needed:
  • Needle

  • Felt (I used Eco-felt, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, in green)

  • Embroidery Floss (I used DMC 420)

  • Travel pack of tissues

  • Scissors

  • Buttons/Badges/Pins whatever you want to call them! You know you have a few laying around looking for a home
    Cut Felt
    Sew Edges

    Tissue in Pack


    Other Ideas

    I am excited to see what you come up with!

Thank you, Carol, for allowing me to do this guest blog while you move into your new home :)

xo, Kam
P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (blog, twitter, e-mail, etsy)


Campfire Chic said...

Thank you for letting me guest blog post this week! I hope your move is going well.

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