Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finger Knit Feather Headband Tutorial & Giveaway

Hello! I am Amber from A.Darling. Carol asked me to give you guys a little tutorial today! If you have never been to my blog before, you'll see that I am way into knitting and today I am going to show you one of my favorite things for the fall season, headbands! This headband is so cute and easy to make, you don't even have to know how to knit, awesome right?

supplies needed:
bulky yarn , feathers, buttons, tapestry needle, measureing tape

I just wanted to make a little note that I did not measure around my head, I just kind of winged it until it fit, but you can measure around your head and finger knit the lenght of it, totally up to you!

To start, tie a loose knot at the end of your yarn and loop it around your pointer finger.

Start at your pointer finger and weave it in and out of your fingers until you get to your pinky.

Loop your yarn around the front of your pinky, and weave it back to your pointer.

Reapeat these two steps until you have two loops on each of your fingers

Here comes the fun part, take the bottom loop and pull it up and over the top loop on your fingers and let it slide to the back of your hand.

Now repeat the first two steps, weaving the yarn through your fingers until you have two loops, again pull the bottom loop over the top loop.

Now if you look at the back of your hand, it should look like this

And this is ok! Don't worry about it. As you go along, make sure to tug your headband every now and then to make it tight and even things out.

Keep repeating steps one and two until your headband is the length you want it to be

Be sure to loosen your loops around your fingers so you can slide them out easy.

Cut your yarn and leave about six inches of tail so you can thread it through the loops

If you have a big loop at the end like I did, just thread your yarn back through and tighten it up.

Now you are going to want to "try" on your headband so you can figure out where you want to sew your button onto. Take an extra piece of yarn, or some embroidery thread and sew your button into place.

After that you can now try it on and just wiggle the button through the yarn.

Take your feathers, I used two and slide them down into your yarn and grab another button and sew it on top of your feathers.

I kinda went under the button to secure my feathers more. Trim the bottoms of your feathers and enjoy your headband!!!


Thank you so much Amber for that tutorial! This is a perfect autumn accesory!

Amber has offered you all the chance to win one of her cute knitted headbands in your choice of either mustard yellow or gray.

Here's how to enter:

*EDIT* New rules for the mandatory entry. Sorry about that! Those that have entered already will still be counted.
-To enter you must go over to Amber's blog & leave a nice comment on any of her posts. Come back here & tell me something you love about her blog.
-For extra entries you can blog or tweet it. Just leave a separate comment with the link(s).
-Contest ends September 14!

Good Luck!!


miss indie said...

Cutee! I've been wanting to finger knit since last year. I really need to take some time and try it.
lovies! XO. m

Zoe said...

Love it! I am a follower of your blog but couldn't follow amber's. I hope it still counts. I love her blog because she shows so many cool pics! :)


check out my blog:


Amber said...

Zoe, whoops sorry about that! I'll get on it, and thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds really neat! I'm definitely going to have to try it. :)


Andi said...

I used to finger knit all the time in high school to make scarves to donate. I've never tried it this way. I used to carry my yarn in my right hand like normal and use my left hand forefinger and thumb as the needles. I'll have to give this a try.

Marion said...

I love it. Its so cute.

MandiCoulter said...

i commented on her september post...great boots!
and this is an adorable giveaway!

janaetime said...

This is fabulous! I've been wanting to learn how to do this.

I love her post on the bridal shower - such pretty colors and wonderful inspiration!