Monday, September 6, 2010


These are the last of the pictures we took on our vacation so I won't bore you with them anymore but I wanted to show you the sunrise we watched on Friday morning right before we left Tybee Island. We had been wanting to watch the sunrise but we are not morning people so we kept missing it. Friday morning we were determined to get up in time to watch it before we had to leave. We set every alarm possible. I'm glad we made it out there in time. It was so gorgeous! These pictures may seem redundant but I couldn't pick just a couple. It was too pretty!

*Sigh* I'm already missing the beach!


bee. said...

such a lovely sunset (:
looks like you had an amazing time.

Lindsay said...

wow Carol, these pics are gorgeous!!!! Nothing more romantic than a sunset on the beach :)
love ya!

Bridget said...

me too. not ready for fall.

Amber said...

These pictures are breathtaking! It makes me wish I lived closer to the beach. Tybee Island looks like a great place to visit!