Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Husband's Giveaway

Seth's resolution this year was to walk or run 1010 miles this year. He started a blog ( to help keep him accountable and to record his progress. I think it is working! He has lost about 20 pounds already! And he just hit his first 100 mile marker! I'm so proud of him! To celebrate this he is having a giveaway on his blog. The prizes are pretty nice if you ask me. I wish I could enter! But that wouldn't be fair and I would like to see someone else win this! If you win you get to choose one of these prizes:
1. small 1 GB mp3 player
2. althletic dri-fit style shorts
3. Marshmallow headphones
4. $15.00 gift card to Walmart

How cool is that?? So go ahead and visit his blog to enter! But hurry! Giveaway ends on Friday!!


Lindsay said...

what a great resolution!!!! THat is something to be really proud of!!

Meg said...

Good for him, I don't think I could walk that far in my whole life!

Jamie said...

That's awesome!!!! What a great goal!!!! He can doooo it!!!

Anna Joy said...

that's so great of him! running is the best thing ever :) and the giveaway is pretty sweet!

Seth said...

Thanks Carol!!!!

chelseybell. said...

wow. my goal is to lose twenty pounds this maybe i'll walk a hundred miles too!

go seth go!!!