Monday, February 15, 2010

Fundamental Elements

My friend Jesse reminded me about this band last week on twitter and I thought this was a good one for my Monday music this week! They are Fundamental Elements! I believe they are from St. Louis. Seth & I love this band! They came to our school a few times to perform. And we saw them in Columbia once. Their music is so fun to listen & dance to and they are very cool guys! Hopefully we will get the chance to see them live again because their shows are always entertaining! I wish there were more better videos of them performing. I feel like all the videos don't do them justice but I will show you anyway. I would recommend checking out their website or Itunes store to check out their songs on there!

One of our favorite things about their show is the bass solo by Mark. It amazes us everytime! I have never seen anything like it before! Here is the video I took when they performed at our school of his solo.

Find them at these places:


Lindsay said...

I always love finding new music and artists to listen too! Thanks for sharing. BTW I miss you, we havent chatted in so long :(

Miss Wanderlust said...

Hey one of my good friend's husband is the lead singer, Russ!!

Russ (FE) said...

Hey! Janel forwarded us your blog post... thanks for promoting our music! We have a new CD coming out this spring and will be hitting the road hard to promote it, so maybe we'll be able to play a town near you! Thanks again for spreading the word about the band and our music!


amanda said...

Music sounds so much better when it comes out of remarkably kind and amazing people. Case in point: FE.

: )

Katie said...

Can I get in on this comment fun? Thanks for promoting FE!! Thanks Janel for letting me know!