Friday, December 25, 2009


How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was really great! It was so cozy! It snowed a lot last night and this morning and I never had to leave my warm apartment! I loved it!

Seth gave me my big gift yesterday. I had a "girls day out" with my mother in law and when I came home Seth had this all set up in the guest room! He made it himself! He's so creative and it's exactly what I wanted! Now I have a place to work on my Style School and Heavenly Cute online classes!

Hopefully the weather cooperates so we can go to Iowa on Sunday to see my parents. I can't wait to see them!


Just Sweet Love said...

oOOoo, I love your crop space! Seth did a GREAT JOB! xxo

Bagladee said...

What a fantastic gift....merry christmas. Hope you get to visit your parents. We're hoping for good weather as mine are coming on the 28th. xx

slmpetersen said...

Love the new crafting space! Seth did and awesome job!

Lindsay said...

WOW!! That crafting space is amazing!!! He did such an awesome job! So glad you had a great Christmas!

Sonja said...

That is so organized and I bet it so cozy and relaxing! What a great thoughtful Christmas gift!! Oh and how about all the snow lately, its falling all over the place lol! Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Toni said...

Seth did an awesome job! What a sweet heart!