Monday, October 26, 2009

A Week In the Life

In case you hadn't noticed my poor blog hasn't been updated a lot lately. It's because I really have nothing to write about. I haven't felt a lot of motivation the past couple weeks so to try to fix that I'm going to try a challenge of sorts. Vivianna of Polka Dot Robot is doing the "A Week in the Life" project by Ali Edwards. You are supposed to document your life for a week with photos and journaling. At the end of the week you are supposed to assemble all of your photos and stuff and scrapbook it. Since I'm no good at scrapbooking I figured I could just do a post at the end of each day with photos I have taken through the day. It's not going to be anything exciting I'm afraid. My life is pretty boring! And I take terrible pictures but maybe you can learn more about me!

Here is my Monday post...

Today was hard for me to think of things to take pictures of... I hope tomorrow I can really get creative.

Woke up at 6:30 and tried to get out of bed for 20 minutes. Got up at 6:50 and made Seth's lunch and coffee.

Then we went on our way to Seth's work.

Sitting at the stoplight that has the shortest green light.

Said goodbye and Seth went into to work. I then went to the bank and deposited Sunday's check.

Came home and had my poptart and coffee breakfast

Read a little bit of Eclipse from the Twilight series that I borrowed from one of Seth's students.

Took a shower & got ready for the day.

Received some cute mail from Junque Art.

The rest of the morning & afternoon was spent cleaning.

I picked up Seth from work at 3:30 and then went to the thrift shop that reopened today! It's nice to have it open again. We missed it! I got some sweaters & 2 little pails (hot pink & hot green!) Sorry I didn't take pictures of them...

We had a soccer game to go to so we decided to grab some food before we headed out to the soccer fields. Seth had Taco Bell & I had Arby's.

Seth insists on having Taco Bell whenever we go to a soccer game. They have 3 games this week... I don't know about Taco Bell 3 times in a week...

We then went to the soccer fields to watch the CCA Patriots (Seth's students) play soccer against Holy Rosary School.

We won 7-1! Way to go Patriots! They are very good at soccer!

Going home from the soccer game.

One house had some cute pumpkins.

I love this tree a couple blocks from our apartment!

Is anybody else doing this project? Let me know if you are!


Jamie said...

You did way better than me today! Love that tree! Beautiful! Great pics!!!

vivianna said...

You and Jamie did way better then me :) great JOB! I love the tree photo.
lets kick butt on tuesday ;)

slmpetersen said...

you think your's is boring, mine would be pretty dull to! Get up check email, go to bank and work 8 or so hours, come home fix dinner read email, poke around on etsy and work on projects for my shop, got to bed. You are doing a great job with this project! Keep it up!