Monday, October 26, 2009

To Do Today

1. Clean up bedroom & bathroom
2. Document my day with pictures and words
3. Finish at least 5 ornaments
4. Read
5. Work on Christmas gifts
6. Take a walk & feed Bella
7. Take pictures and list items on my Etsy
8. Visit new thrift store!!! :)


Anonymous said...

A new thrift store! how exciting! If we lived close to one another I'd come with!
What ornaments are you working on? I have started thinking about Christmas but am way behind in starting...
have a great day~can't wait to hear about all the goodies you find today...

slmpetersen said...

Toss is do laundry, change pet names and add work at Bank I am I with ya! Are you talking about the New Good Samaritan building?

Unknown said...

what a great list and a new thrift store sounds like my kind of day

Pixel Wild Child said...

Interesting list... I hope you managed to get everything done according to plan... although that's always difficult! ;O)