Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Cake Eaters

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I just watched the movie The Cake Eaters. Kristen Stewart's acting was really good in this one! So far every movie I have seen her in has been really good! Plus this song won't get out of my head now!

Speaking of Kristin, one of Seth's students let me borrow all the Twilight books so now I can finally read New Moon!! I got tired of waiting for it at the library...


Laurie Anne said...

Love that this is a Mary Stuart Masterson film and adore that Bruce Dern is in this...on my must see list!
My 10 year old daughter is reading the twilight series and then I'm next! :o)
Enjoy New Moon!x

Rheea said...

Kristen Stewart is a natural beauty! What was the cake eaters story about?

New Moon will be out in cinema very soon! woohoo~~!!


Peptogirl said...

Looks like a good movie...is it sad? That song is really pretty. Enjoy your Twilight books, they are addicting!

Carol Anne said...

Amy, the movie is not really sad at all. I recommend it!

Lisa said...

I think I'll check out this movie now! this song is great as well :)
visit my blog when you have the chance!

myownlittleuniverse said...

ooh! i forgot about the frames...thanks for the reminder. and i now have the movie in my netflix :)