About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Carol and I'm a youth minister's wife. My husband, Seth and I live in a small town in Missouri.

We love it here! When we aren't busy working with the youth I like to spend my time crafting. Crocheting is my specialty.

 I tend to go back and forth between other crafts but I'm usually always working on some kind of crochet project.
Some of my favorite things are browsing etsy, laughing with Seth, thrifting, snuggling with the cat, Christmas music, mocha fraps, owls, autumn & old cartoons.

I would also like to introduce my tiny family.

I married the sweetest guy on August 9th, 2008. He is my best friend! Seth works as a youth minister and he loves every minute of it. He also enjoys fitness and loves running.

He writes about his health journey on his blog Fit With A Purpose and hosts weight loss challenges on facebook. He has a passion for people and I love that about him!

We adopted our cat, Kizzy in May of 2010 from our local animal shelter. We spoil her but she is just too darn cute, we can't help it! We sometimes mistake her for a puppy because she loves running back and forth around the house, chasing her tail, she LOVES belly rubs, and chases any kind of ball she can find. Her favorites are tennis balls and golf balls. She definitely keeps us laughing and she makes a great addition to our sweet little family!

Where to find me online...
Email: cac922[at]cccb[dot]edu
Twitter: twitter.com/carolanne1986