Friday, February 18, 2011

i love lucy

Seth & I realized how much TV we were watching and how much more we could be doing instead so we got rid of our cable & sold our bigger TV. We still have our smaller one set up in the living room but all we can use it for are DVDs & netflix. So when we don't feel like watching movies it has challenged us to find new ways of entertaining ourselves in the evenings. I have realized once the television is gone, I don't really miss it. I feel more creative & I feel like there are more hours in the day!

Last night we were rummaging through the craft room and found a puzzle I had bought for a quarter at a garage sale last summer and forgot about. I hadn't done a puzzle in years! So we decided to see if we could finish it in one night. So right after dinner we put on some good tunes and started working on it. We finished around 11:30. It was a nice relaxing way to spend an evening with the husband. It was a real challenge on my attention span though but I stuck with it the whole time! :)


misslarissabree said...

I wanna do puzzles!
We canceled our cable over a year ago it was the greatest! We just do more and have fun instead of sitting watching tv!

Elise said...

Good for you! We did the same thing this last summer and it took awhile for us to get used to, but its so much better for us. Its amazing once its gone how much you realize you watch it! I love puzzles too!

T's Daily Treasures said...

It's always a good thing when a couple is on the same path. Sounds like a nice, quiet evening. Love your crocheted brooch. Cleaning is always on the backburner around here when I've got crocheting, cross-stitching and crafting on my mind. Hope the weather has warmed up a bit over there. Best wishes, Tammy

Amber said...

Oh... I have gone back and forth on cancelling our cable. With Netflix and internet you can pretty much watch anything you want.
We have decided that Thursday nights are going to be Scrabble nights at Poot Manor...thinking we might need a puzzle night too!