Saturday, September 18, 2010

So proud!

Today we spent the day at the Ozark Ham & Turkey Festival in California, MO. We had to get up super early but it was worth it. Seth and some friends ran in the 5K.

Note: Those are my shorts. The one downside to Seth's weightloss is the fact that he keeps taking my favorite shorts that I wear around the house to go run in!

I crocheted a row on my urban jungle hat while waiting for Seth to run the course.

He came in at 26'52". He thinks it was slow but I think he did great!

He got first in his age group again! I'm so proud!

Afterwards we went to all the vendor booths and checked out all the crafters. I ended up only buying these 2 knitted Christmas stockings for $1 each! I really love the diamond one!

Apparently Kizzy is already getting into the Christmas spirit! Maybe she won't look at me strangely when I start listening to Christmas music the day after halloween :)


Mandy said...

26:52 is a great time! He should be proud!

Julie said...

that's a great time! congrats!

Kade (*^-^*) said...

^^ Thats a great time he has done!! have a nice day!!^^

Just Sweet Love said...

Yay Seth! Woot woot! Amazing time!

breanna from glimpse said...

gasp! only a DOLLAR! a treasure!