Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey Mom, Remember This?

This morning we went to a few garage sales around town. I found this Magic School Bus book for 25 cents. It is funny to me because in kindergarten, I was scared to death of this book. My teacher read it to us and I started crying. I remember my friend hugging me while I was crying through the whole book. I think my teacher asked my mom to take the book home and read it to me to help me get over my fear of it. I was a pretty strange kid ha!

Last night I started working on an idea I had. I can't show you the final project yet but here is a sneak peek! I'm thinking a tutorial is in the works :)


Kayla said...

I totally loved The Magic School Bus! How awesome! Can't wait to see the surprise you have in store for us!

leeleelark said...

That was the ONLY magic school bus episode I ever saw! The one inside the human body. It just wasn't very interesting to me. Ah well.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Man I LOVED the Magic School Bus! Haha I can't believe you were scared of this book, aw!