Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Go Team Pinkerton!

So I'm totally excited about tonight because tonight is the season premiere of...

The Biggest Loser!

Seth & myself are huge fans of this show already & watch it every week but this season is even more exciting for us because one of the contestants was a classmate of ours from Central Christian College of the Bible! Yay Corey!

From what I have gathered from reading online is he has to compete with other contestants for a spot on the ranch & the contestants that don't win will have another chance later on. Whether or not he makes it to the ranch, we will still be cheering for Corey!

Be sure to watch at 8/7c on NBC!

Go Team Pinkerton!!


lydia. said...

how exciting!
josh and i are huge biggest loser fans, too!
we absolutely love it and are so, so excited. :)


honey and salt said...

how awesome!! I'm excited for Corey! I'm rooting for him!

Kayla said...

how awesome! My mom watches that show all the time! I'll tell her to watch him and see how he does!! I may just have to tune in too!!