Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm not sure if I have written about it on here yet, but we will be moving in about 11 days! Eeek! It snuck up on me so fast! Seth has taken a job in a town about 2.5 hours from here as a youth minister. We have realized in the past few months that youth is where Seth is best at. We are both looking forward to this ministry!

We were approved for a really awesome house to rent but we still have to sign the lease. We are praying that everything goes well! So in preparation for the move we have been going through all our stuff for things to get rid of. So far we have a nice little huge pile of clutter we will be getting rid of on Saturday during our garage sale. We have already sold my awesome mustard yellow couch. Seth has hated it since the day we got it but I enjoyed it the 4 months that we had it! :)

Tomorrow is more sifting through things and setting up for the sale. So stinkin' excited!


chelseybell. said...

i think your couch is (was) great!

Jessica @ Food for Thought said...

good luck!

and...your couch rocks, but I'm sure my husband would not have liked it

Kade (*^-^*) said...

awww i like your mustard yellow couch :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Good luck with the house! I hope that everything works out for you guys. :) And good luck with decluttering and the garage sale! I hope you sell everything.

♥ Carrie Shan said...

I hear ya sistah! We are going thru the same thing. It is nice to get rid of a lot of "stuff". I think I will do this more often, whether we are moving not.
Hope all goes well with moving and the house. Congrats to Seth on his job!