Friday, September 17, 2010

Collections Day 4 - Milkglass Vases

Here is the last collection I have to show you this week for Lindsay's collection challenge. It is my milkglass vases. I really have no reason to collect them besides the fact that I think they are really pretty clustered together in different shapes and sizes. Right now I have them on my black shelf. I love the contrast of the black of the shelf and the white of the vases. They are really handy when Seth brings home flowers. I like to break the bouquets up into the different vases.

Thank you Lindsay for this super cute idea! Head over to her blog to see her collections and I believe she will be doing a showcase of other people's collections on there real soon too!


Lindsay said...

Very cute Carol!!! I love it!! I'll be doing my last collection post tonight (waiting for the ups guy to get here with something for the shoot)
Thanks so much for particpating with me :)

Carrie said...

I love milk glass and your collection is great!