Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Collections Day 2 - Vintage Cameras

Continuing onto day two of Lindsay's Collection Challenge, I have some old cameras that we like to collect. We have absolutely no knowledge on these cameras. Seth won a box of old cameras at an auction once and we tend to pick a new one up everytime we go thrifting.

These 3 cameras were also in the box Seth won. I believe they are video cameras.

This made me laugh. While I was gathering all the cameras up to take a picture of them, I realized we had FIVE of these land cameras. Oops! :)

Smile big!


Lindsay said...

o wow Carol!! These cameras are awesome!! LOl 5 land cameras?? too funny!! I love love this, I'm going to be using quite a few of your pictures for my post, I love them so much!

sunlite705 said...

love these cameras! my parents had the one in the middle of the three and it was a movie camera it's like you had to wind it up and when you ran out of (wind) it stopped recording.. Several of them look familar that my parents actually owned or my aunt & uncle did! Brings back alot of memories of that good ole movie filming. NO sound just us in black and white most of it of us waiving at the camera.. We converted our pics to video many years ago but now need to put them on DVD.

Great collection!

aka. Lindsay's momma

Kade (*^-^*) said...

WOW so cool!!!!!!! ^^ i luv these cams

m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, your collection is A M A Z I N G!