Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Collections Day 1 - Vintage Chalkware Banks

This week Lindsay of Pixies & Bears is sharing one collection of hers a day. She asked everyone to join in with their collections. It actually started yesterday but it totally slipped my mind yesterday but that is ok. I am starting today. Today I am going to share our vintage chalkware bank collection. It is pretty small but I love it! We don't buy just any chalkware bank. It has to be crazy, kitschy, or weird looking. It has to make us laugh!

We keep all the change we accumulate when we use cash in these. We saved all the change we had for about 6 months and saved up 30 extra dollars for spending cash on vacation! Saving is more fun with these banks!

This is the bank that started this collection. I saw this bank at an auction and begged Seth to buy it. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

I'm not sure where we found Gramps. Probably the thrift store. Seth found this one.

This is my favorite. Look at those eyes! We keep the change that Seth finds with his metal detector in this one.

This is our newest bank. We found this one at a flea market on our way home from vacation. I love how it looks like a kid's old dirty sneaker. :)

Want to know which one is Seth's favorite?

of course!!

What do you collect?


Lindsay said...

oh Carol I love them!!! I am going to use the first pic when I do the blog post with my favorites if thats ok!!! Seth is so funny!! LOL
Thanks so much for joining in on the fun!! Love ya girl :)

Victoria said...

These are so cute. I love the puppy bank!

I collect Mason Jars. lots of them. I drink from them and decorate my apartment with them. It's actually almost an obsession.

Amber said...

Seth cracks me up! Oh my goodness. I couldn't really tell how big the banks were until he was holding grandpa.

They are so cool! What a fun way to collect change!! We have a jar that counts the money for you and I swear Scott and I look at the balance and squell everytime we put more change in. It adds up fast!
Thanks for sharing!