Monday, August 16, 2010

Guess who is crocheting!

Tonight Seth asked me to teach him how to crochet. He caught on quickly! I thought he was kidding when he asked me but he kept asking so I taught him how to make the foundation chain and single crochet. Look how awesome his stitches are! I'm so proud! I will be expecting a granny square blanket from him for Christmas now :)

Crocheting husbands are sexy!

p.s. a giveaway is coming soon!


lydia. said...

so precious!
i love that he wanted to learn.
that's adorable. : )


miss indie said...

That is so cute!!
I love boys that want to crochet. It's adorable. :]
XO. mandyyyyy

bee. said...

oooh, he's got quite the talent.
you're very lucky!

carly. said...

aw, that's so cute!!

so i guess if a boy can do it, then i have no excuse to start now right?? hahah ;)

Meg said...

That is awesome!

heather dawn said...

your hubs is the coolest!!! and his block looks GREAT! way better than my first! lol! give him a thumbs up from us bloggy ladies!

Becca said...

So cool! I keep trying to convince my boyfriend to learn how to crochet, but he won't hear of it :-)

Becky Farley said...

Yay seth!!!! That's so cool!

Can't wait to see what he makes!

Allison said...

how wonderful! so far my husband hasn't shown any interest in learning to crochet, but maybe that day will come someday.

leyla said...

Lol, that is awesome! We spent almost a month in hospital waiting rooms last winter and my husband (who swears he never gets bored) got bored enough to ask my sisters to show him how to use the nifty knitter. He made quite a nice little beanie. So funny!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness. How stinking cute. Way to go Seth. Looks like you will be a pro...of course you have an amazing teacher!