Monday, June 14, 2010

Sticks & Stones

Last night Seth took me to Sedalia for dinner and a movie. He decided to take me to the Wheel Inn Drive In diner.

They are famous for their guberburgers which are hamburgers with melted peanut butter on them. I was a little nervous about trying it but I thought "why not?" It is actually really good! I didn't put anything else on there like the lettuce or tomato but the peanut butter and the hamburger were surprisingly really delicious together!

Then after dinner we saw the movie Killers with Ashton Kutcher & Katherine Heigl. It was pretty strange but still entertaining.

When we got home we were greeted with some not so nice neighbors. I won't go into detail about what they said but it really hurt my feelings. I guess being in the ministry I should prepare myself for ridicule. That doesn't mean it still won't hurt though.

That got me thinking about how much impact our words can have on others. One thing that really caught my attention when I first started blogging was the encouragement that was given to each other. However recently I have seen a few bloggers use their blogs as a way to hurt others. If there is a problem with someone, writing bad about them in public isn't going to solve anything. It just makes it worse and can really hurt them. Using hurtful words is only a reflection of one's true self. Instead of putting others down when we disagree with each other why don't we take care of the problem in private and move on?

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Ashley said...

Oh wow! A hamburger with peanut butter sounds interesting. We have a burger place called Calamity Jane's a few towns over and they have all kinds of strange hamburgers. I had the chocolate hamburger once and it wasn't bad either!

I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt. It's amazing how many people say rude things without thinking. I agree. Blogs should be a place for encouragement. I don't know anyone who blogs to have people say mean things about them.

Hope you have a wonderful night and remember that you're awesome no matter what your neighbors say! :)

angie may said...

im sorry to hear that your neighbors were mean.. i think the whole "kill then with kindness" thing really is the best option in most situations. maybe you should go out of your way to do something nice for them? then they will see that they had the wrong idea about you. maybe. i know being nice to mean people is much easier said than done!

chelseybell. said...

i'm sorry somebody decided to show their bad side and say mean things to you and seth. at least you're being the better person and learning something out of it (or just reinforcing the golden rule).

i really love how encouraging the blog world is, so when people start personal attacks it's totally shocking to me. i'm glad the majority are still positive :)

Amanda said...

i love trying new diners...and i have never heard of pb hamburgers! haha! sorry to hear about the grumpy people. :(

Kayla said...

PB Hamburgers!! Ohemgee, that sounds rather different. Wouldn't hurt to try it I guess! lol, always up for new adventures!

Sorry to hear your neighbors were rude to you, some people just wanna share their bad moods it seems. I like the comment above where they say "kill them with kindness". It is rather hard to do when you're angry but it works! And you're so sweet you could do it I'm sure!

It shocked me to see you say that some people in the blog world are using their blogs to hurt others...I just recently started blogging and I have really had nothing but encouragement. I can understand that some people would be mean though, but the whole blogging community seems so nice and thoughtful! (And you introduced me to almost all the people I follow now!)

Tell Seth to beat them up with his P90X Yoga moves!! jk, violence is NOT the answer :)


Jazmyn Alexandria said...

I hate when people use the internet as a way to talk bad about other people.

Amber said...

I have had a guberburger. They are suprisingly good. Wasn't there talk of closing that place down or did they move it? My dad took my mom there on their 33 wedding anniversay on their Harley! about romantic. They wanted to go one last time before it closed.
Sorry about your neighbors...why do people have to act that way? It is so frustrating! I agree that issues in the blogging world need to be kept private!

Carol Anne said...

Amber, I believe they did close down in the original location because they were expanding the intersection. But they reopened in a new location just down the road on 65. That is so cute about your parents!!

Just Sweet Love said...

Oh Carol, I hate that your douchebag neighbors were mean to you. But don't worry, no one gives a sh** about them anyway. And not that you were worried or anything... I just hate the thought of someone being mean to someone I really care about.

But on a lighter note, I seriously want to try a hamburger with peanut butter! For real. loveu. xo

amy lapi said...

whaaaat someone was mean to my carol??? don't make me go new york on their asses. who could possibly dislike YOU???

Lindsay said...

I can't believe someone was mean to you :( That's so horrible!!! I'm aorry! Love you girl! chin up! your awesome!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

that burger is making my mouth water!!!
i wanted to see the killers. so its strange huh>? lol as long as it doesnt suck.