Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm still here


I am sorry for the lack of blogging here. We just moved into our new place this weekend & it has been super hectic getting everything in order. We were without electricity until today and it was so hot without air conditioning! I am so thankful that it is turned on now! I'm also still getting used to living so close to the train track. Every time a train passes I get tense from how loud the horns are! With the air conditioning & TV on now it isn't so bad. I feel it before I hear it now so maybe I will get a full night of sleep tonight! Every one is telling us that within a week we won't even notice. I am hoping that is true!

We still won't have internet until probably Friday so I hope you all stick around and my blogging will be more regular. Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend! What did you all do for Memorial weekend?


Melissa Blake said...

What a great blog!

Anna Joy said...

I hope you're settling well in your new home. And I really hope you get used to those train tracks!!! :) Can't wait til you're back online!

Kayla said...

I hope your move went well! It hopefully won't take long for you to get used to those trains though! I haven't been able to check my blog since last week because of our move! lol. I'm feeling a little deprived :)

I had a crazy weekend....Bachelorette party Friday night, Saturday we had to start moving and then two weddings to attend and a luau but missed them all because I got sick, then Sunday and Monday we moved! lol. It's been super crazy.