Tuesday, June 8, 2010



In the Creativity Boot Camp course we are discussing what hinders our creativity. I have talked to Seth about this many times. There are both physical & mental hinderances for me. For our journal we are to list what hinders us. Here are some of my hinderances...

-lack of confidence
-lack of materials
-lack of skill or knowledge
-afraid others won't understand or think what I do is silly and pointless
-afraid someone else has already done it
-lack of motivation
-too busy
-lack of inspiration

What are some things that hinder your creativity and what do you do to disarm these hinderances?


Heidi pumpkin pie said...

i can definitely relate to this one:
afraid someone else has already done it

a lot of times i have lists of things to make/do and i think man this is such a great idea, i bet someone else already did this. then I look through etsy or flickr and try to find out if i'm right which makes me waste time and feel insecure :(

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I share many of the same hindrances. I think the blogging community is one my big means for disarming them - everyone is always so supportive, even when I don't feel great about how a project came out. Plus, I know that I feel much happier when I'm creating regularly, so I try to ignore the hindrances and just make something. It doesn't always work, but often it does.

I still need to get started on creativity boot camp - I'm already so behind!

Amber said...

I think my biggest hinderances are confidence, time, and worrying that someone else has already done it. I see all these things people make and think to myself "Well I could do that...why didn't I think of that?" I get frustrated with that alot.
I need to really just focus on allowing more time for me to create. If I could allot a certain amount of time per week I think that would help. My mind gets so full reading all my favorite blogs it is on overload and then I never have time to sit down and create. Ahhh!

Lindsay said...

lack of motivation..... It seems I only get creative at certain times of the day and at those times I am normally in need of doing something else :(
night time I can do a million things but all through the day Im like a log >.<

Amanda @geekdetails said...

I worry that someone else has done it first and will say I'm copying them. There seems to be a ton of "zomg I thought it up first" on etsy and blogs and it can be awful when someone you don't know accuses you of copying.

Linda Jackman said...


amu said...

Don't worry about doing what someone else has done. That's art. Everything is recycled, because after all, appropriation is everything when it comes to art. We all appropriate something in our work, because appropriation in itself is taking something that already exists and using it for your own. So that being said, art is appropriation since everything in art is taken from something else, whether it be nature, man made, or crazy hallucinogenic influenced. Also, it doesn't matter if someone thinks what you are doing is silly or pointless. If they think that, then clearly they aren't an artist and don't know how to appreciate the silly and pointless. <3 I say screw all of the apprehension you have about what people think and what has been done or is being done or whatever and just concentrate on your own work and don't give a crap what everyone else thinks (unless of course it's the people who you actually do care about! then constructive criticism comes into play <3)

Carol Anne said...

I love you Amy! You and Seth are my biggest encouragement! You always make me want to keep doing what I am doing no matter what! Thank you for being you! I love you sooo much! <3<3