Wednesday, May 5, 2010


That thrift store run yesterday was just the thing I needed to get my creativity flowing again. After I made the t-shirt yarn that I posted about yesterday, I started playing around with it and seeing how it worked up. I decided to practice some knitting. I learned how to add new yarn in my knitting! Total breakthrough for me! For you knitters, I'm sure you are rolling your eyes but I am not catching on to knitting as fast as I did with crochet but I'm slowly getting it and it is making me extremely happy!

I decided to make a pouch with my knitted t-shirt yarn. I added a button from my button collection and sewed up the edges to make a pouch! Cute! I'm not sure what I'll use it for but I just feel good about myself because I made something completely out of reused items!

After I finished my t-shirt yarn I wanted to see what else I could use for "yarn." I found an old pillowcase that was in the throw away pile after cleaning up my closet. I cut it up in the same fashion as the t-shirt and crocheted up this little bowl. Seth says it will hold lots of quarters or I could put it in a tree and maybe a bird would make a nest out of it! ha!

I am really enjoying seeing what I can repurpose around the house! It's a good way to recycle and reduce waste going into the landfills. Next thing I'm going to try is plastic bag "yarn." I have a ton of those saved up! We'll see how that works!

I also finished my kitchen rug while watching The Biggest Loser & Parenthood last night. I really love how it turned out! It looks cute in my kitchen! I took the picture outside because it is better lighting on my balcony plus my kitchen floor is probably a little dirty... haha!

What things do you repurpose in your crafting??


Carrie said...

wow girl everything is so cool I love the rug soooo much!


Kayla said...

You are awesome. I can do a little crocheting but I can really only make....scarves. Oh, and coffee sleeves!! :) Did you knit that bowl? Cause I love that! I may have to learn how to knit! And your rug is adorable (and your shoes).

When I made my keychain felt toast plushies I stuffed them with scrap felt. I bought a bag of scrap felt from Michaels - if that counts. Oh, and when I worked at Michaels they were going to throw away a large bag of the crafting foam in all kinds of colors because it was scrap or pieces that were messed up. They let me take some since they were going to throw them away anyway and I've used that stuff a few times. I used them in my felt toast keychains too. Sorry that was so long. I didn't think I reused that many things but I guess I have.....I try to make it a habit. :)


Amy Renee Martin said...

I am loving this t shirt yarn so cute, and way to go on the knitting! I can't even wrap my mind about adding another needle! I love crochet. Maybe I will learn knitting one day but for now. :) Glad you are so craftily inspired! Keep it up!

jenny said...

oooh... I love that bowl! and one of these days I'm going to make a rug like that. I love what you've been working on! xo

Sasha said...

I am loving the t-shirt yarn! Your rug turned out beautifully!! :)


slmpetersen said...

I watched the T-yarn video you sent me last night! It's on my list of things to try. I re-purpose a lot of things in my craft world. Right now garment refashion seems to be my thing.

lydia. said...

girl, this is so creative!
i'm loving it. :)


Jamie said...

Look at you go, girl!!!! I love it!!! All of it!!!

Anna Joy said...

Wow, that is so neat! I really love the rug one. I didn't even know you could repurpose t shirts to make yarn!!! you should sell these...i would buy one!!!

Thank you for your comment on my blog...I hope he does grow out of it soon!;)

LittleGemsbyKari said...

i have to try making some tshirt yarn. i know what you mean with knitting. i'm a hooker myself and 2 needles is just darn crazy sometimes.

Eline Oftedal said...

You inspier me! Thank you!

Lindsay said...

wow!!!! You are so talented!!! I love love love the rug and the cutesy pouch! And that bowl, oh em geeeeee tooo cute!!!!
love ya!

chelseybell. said...

your tshirt yarn looks so pretty, and i love the rug.

Just Sweet Love said...

impressive girlfriend!! i love it!! you're brilliant!

PS, i BARELY learned how to add new yarn to my knitting so i know the excitement you feel!

have a great weekend lovely! missu tons!! xxo

S and O said...

how awesome!! I've tried knitting with plastic and recycled bags before but I never tried t-shirt yarn, that sounds like fun ;)


Faith said...

WOW awesome!!