Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Nice Evening

This evening has been so nice! It has been a little stormy but so warm! I am feeling spring coming soon!! I can't wait for the flowers to bloom and the leaves to start growing again! I like winter but I get tired of it faster than any of the other seasons. Around this time of year I tend to feel sleepy all the time and not very motivated. Today I had the window open and the warmer air felt so amazing. I had a great workout while listening to some Justin Timberlake. When Seth came home we took some random photos. Then we went for a quick walk in the park, but it was cut short because it started lightning & sprinkling. So we went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make a couple personal pizzas for dinner. Delicious! Oh I love you spring time!

I need to get my bangs trimmed...

Isn't he hot!? I love him sooooo much!!


Lindsay said...

awwww your gorgeous in these pics!!!!! I love love love them!!!
Im wishing for spring right now too!

Sonja said...

I kept trying to leave a comment and the page kept closing, strange!! Cute pictures!!! Sorry your walk was cut short, but at least you got to eat some yummy pizza!

Meg said...

Love these pictures! You are the hot one! The thunder and lighting was crazy this evening, but I love Spring!

Carrie said...

what a cute couple you all are :D I am so ready for spring too!!!!

we had pizza tonight yummy



souljane said...

you. are. stunning.

Anna Joy said...

Carol, you are sooo pretty!!! You and Seth make such an adorable couple...I wish I could visit you guys!
BTW, I too worked out to Justin Timberlake today! I love him right after I love Ben! Ha!

Jamie said...

You're HOT, girl!!! I still love your eyelashes. ;) Such beautiful pictures!!! Hope everybody is doing ok!!! You guys are in my prayers still. Love you! xoxo

amy said...

you look so beautifullll!!

mel said...

you two make such a cute couple!
and yes, thank goodness for spring. i think winter would be unbearable if i didn't know spring is at the end of it. enjoy the rest of your weekend!

armchair traveler never! said...

You make a lovely couple! (just stumbled upon your blog after clicking on a link in Happy Mail Love, I think)
Greetings from Spain :)

Just Sweet Love said...

love your makeup!!! PS, i have presents for you! :)

can you please DM me your address? xxo

lydia. said...

you are so precious and cute!
love your blog.
can't wait to read more. :)

i'm excited for spring time, too!