Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Some of you may already know but we will be moving in May to the town where Seth preaches already. Seth had the opportunity to go full time and we felt God was pushing us in that direction. We are very excited about this change and I have made myself a few personal goals. I think this change is a perfect time to better myself in a few ways. I would like to share some of these goals with you.

1. My first goal is to get a cat! So far we have only lived in apartments and they never allowed pets which has really bummed me. We would like to rent or buy a house so we can have one.

2. Style School has really opened me up to different styles for my home. I would like to develop my own sense of style for my home. This flickr set by dottie angel is so inspiring and definitely one I will look back on when developing my own style!

3. For the first year of being married I was really good at keeping our place clean and picked up. I also cooked more. But since moving to this apartment I seem to have lost my groove. I want to get that back and keep the home clean. When my place is clean I tend to be more motivated. I lose my motivation a lot here because it always seems to be a mess.


4. Wear more dresses. This may seem silly to you but I think this fresh start is a good time to gain my confidence to buy and wear more dresses.


5. Develop closer relationships with the women in church. I have been living in this area for almost 2 years and still haven't really developed many friendships. I think because I already have friendships with the women in church it will be easier for me.

6. I would like to start and lead a women's ministry at our church. This is waaay out of my comfort zone but I feel God is wanting me to use my newfound talents for Him. I am hoping others will want to join me as well!

7. I would like to get serious about selling on etsy. I always have ideas floating around my head but I never get off my butt and do it!


8. If we end up living in a home with a yard I would really like to start a small garden. I know this is something Seth really wants to do as well. Maybe we can grow more than 3 green beans at a time so I can actually cook them for a meal! I would also like to have houseplants. It will be interesting to see if I can keep them alive!


9. Buy more second hand. I want to visit thrift and antique shops more often. Not living next to Walmart anymore will definitely help!

These are just a few things I would like to accomplish! I really can't wait for this move. I need a change bad!


Sonja said...

Those are really great goals! One of my goals is to get back to church!! I haven't gone in so long, we are always exhausted around here! You should get a kitty, they are sweet and such great company :) Also I am with you on the dress thing! It is the year to have confidence and wear cute spring dresses! Good luck with your move I hope you find a cute house to decorate! <3 Sonja

erinsunday said...

These sound like really great goals! Where are you moving? I am excited for you, wherever this is taking you. :)

slmpetersen said...

Good luck in your new adventure! I am sure you will be able to follow your heart and accomplish these goals. Best wishes on your move.

Lindsay said...

These are awesome goals!!! I believe you can do and will succeed at everyone one of them!! You really should wear more dresses! You look great in them! Also, the Etsy sotre thing is a must, you should make a ton of animals!! You are amazing at it!
Love you!

Amanda @geekdetails said...

Good luck meeting your goals. I love the wear more dresses one and it's something I'm trying to do too. The wind here is horrid though and I don't want to flash people ya know?

I also like the plant a garden one and sell more on Etsy. Good luck on your move!

Jamie said...

Yay, Carol!
You can do it all!!!!!
I'll (and I'm sure others) be rooting for you!
I looove Dottie Angel's home! I have so many of her pics saved in my inspiration file.
I love all of these goals!

Meg said...

Those are awesome goals! I am sure that you will achieve all of them with no problems! Where are you guys moving if you don't mind me asking? Have a wonderful day! By the way, I added your blog button and for some reason it didn't work.

lydia. said...

great goals! good luck with all of them.
i'm so excited for you guys and your new opportunity.
what a blessing!


Anna Joy said...

Carol, I wish we lived closer! These are all things that I want to do. Just yesterday I pledge to do the Dottie Angel challenge of only buying handmade or thrifted items for myself and our home! And I told Ben to please build me a couple of garden boxes so we can grow our own herbs and veggies. You are so cool! Oh yeah, you should def. lead a women's group. I did that a couple of years ago and I was really nervous at first but it was such a blessing! Talk to you soon!

Anna Joy

Carrie said...

sounds like some great goals I can't wait to see you accomplish each and everyone of them.



amy lapi said...

i love your goals! i totally believe in you. you can do it!

Rita said...

Awwww, sweetie!! Believe it or not you make me cry! I am just so very proud of how much you have grown since I met you! Your goals... WOW... you can do it ALL ... Remember "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." and you CAN! Wish you were here and I'd hug the stuffin's out of you!!! Congratulations on the beautiful woman of God you have and are becoming! Love you!

Lindsay said...

I gave you a blog award on my blog :D

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

that's an awesome list of goals! i love them. i need to work on a bunch of those myself.
a move huh? sounds awesome, a fresh start (hope those style school tips help you make it homey)! ...man i miss classes still.


hellosweetworld said...

Great list! Moving is always fun, too. And thrifting is of course the best!

grrfeisty said...

i read about the style school classes a couple months after they started. that class seems so cool! i'm taking the indie biz class which is also a lot of fun. and i totally know what you mean about the cleaning fiasco...i'm stuck in a cleaning rut all too often!