Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Broken Ankles & Baby Blankets

I haven't been online much the past couple days because I have been busy on a few things. First off Sunday night Seth injured himself playing basketball. He was in a lot of pain when he got home but was sure he could make it through the night and go to the doctor on Monday instead of going to the ER. So we iced his ankle up, which had swollen pretty big. Then yesterday we got in to the doctor and they took xrays of his ankle. Turns out he has a chip fracture so they gave him this boot so he could walk around. Let me tell you, Seth is hard to keep up with with that on. I keep telling him I will help him out, get things for him, etc but he insists he can do it all himself. So he was up & down, up & down all day yesterday. Stressing me out! I want him to sit and rest up and he is always wanting to move around. Silly!

I started on a baby blanket that Seth's uncle asked me to make for his grand daughter. I am using a "bubble-like" stitch (I don't know what it is really called haha! :) ) which I think is turning out so pretty! I am about 1/3 to 1/4 finished with it. It is the perfect movie watching project!


erinsunday said...

That stinks. Sorry to hear that. When I saw that you were blogging about baby blankets, I thought for a second that you were going to tell us that YOU were pregnant! ha!

Carrie said...

what a pretty blanket!!! I hope his ankle heals quickly!


Meg said...

Oh man, I hope he heals quickly! That baby blanket looks so soft! I hope that you are having a wonderful day!

Lindsay said...

Oh no!! I hope he gets better soon!!!

I bet your blanket is going to be gorgeous!! I love love what you have so far!! So pretty!!!

CaL said...

Silly boys & their need to be manly even when they should just take it easy! I hope he gets better fast! That pretty pink baby blanket is the best!

Jamie said...

Hope that Seth heals quickly! Hey, Seth!!! Stay off it!!!! haha!

Gorgeous blanket, Carol!!!! Soooo pretty!!! You've got mad skillz, girl! So inspiring!!!

Love ya! xo

Laurie Anne said...

Well doesn't that just suck! Poor guy! Make sure he stays off it so it heals quickly!
That baby blanket is dreamy...it looks so soft and sweet :)


mel said...

that baby blanket is really lovely :)
what movies are you watching while you work? i have to choose movies i have already seen when i craft. either i miss a plot point or i get too into it and mess up stitches, etc. ha ha
hope your honey is better soon!

Crissy said...

what a gorgeous baby blanket!! I need to get some nice crochet hooks like yours. mine make my hands hurt after a while.

tiffany said...

oooh the baby blanket is beautiful!

xo tiffany