Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Katja & Giveaway

Today I am really excited to introduce Katja from maedchenmitherz to you! I'm sure many of my readers already read her. She is so creative and everything she makes always puts a smile on my face! She is teaching an online class which I am taking called Heavenly Cute Online Class. She is really kind-hearted and I'm very happy to feature her today! I asked her to answer a few questions for me.

1. Introduce yourself and what you do
Hey there! My name is Katja, I am a 25 years old crafty girl from Germany. I studied social work and am now working at a children and youth centre. I live with my boyfriend and our cute little cat, which is great because both of them often make me smile <3

2. How did you get started in crafts?
It's a weird story. I have always been creative. Like, really ALWAYS! I used to make little handmade gifts for friends and family. But noone except my parents really seemed to appriciate it. So I stopped. When I was in my bachelor-thesis writing phase, I needed something to make me happy besides spending hours reading books about psychology and other stuff I needed to read and write. Via, I discovered the beauty of things made from polymer clay. So I decided to order a package of polymer clay in January 2009. When I joined flickr to show off my work, it just had me! :) I discovered so so many great crafts! And I just tried them. I had the time, the will.... and obviously the talent.

3. What is the one thing you are most proud of that you have made so far?
I am really really proud of the iphone case I made. It looks like an oldschool gameboy and was featured on various geek websites and that is one thing that really honored me! And I am also proud of how I've grown through all these years and good (and bad) experiences. I never thought, I could be like this. My life has changed in many positive ways.

4. Where do you find your inspiration?
Well, inspiration is something that just hits me everywhere! Even in my dreams! I LOVE websites like and flickr and of course I also love reading blogs. But sometimes, I also find inspiration in my boyfriend who's a real nerd and knows so much about computers and internet and everything that follows. I can simply find inspiration everywhere. <3

5. What keeps you motivated to keep creating?
To be honest, my blogreaders keep me motivated! They are so cheering and nice, I just don't want to disappoint them. And since all of us need some nice words from time to time, I will keep blogging and crafting and crafting and blogging!

6. Any advice you'd like to give to new artists who are just finding their creative side?
First of all: Stay true! Discover your OWN style, don't just "copy" someones creative ways. I know, this sounds rough, but I don't like to see the same things all over again. :) I can totally understand that sometimes, you like the style of someone really much and honestly want to BE that person. But that's not creativity! Creativity means to create things your way, right? Well, and second: try many different kind of crafts. For example, if you are a true knitter, try journaling or painting. Even if you believe, you can't do it, I am sure, you can! I love discovering new talents, and the more I try, the better I get... And third: start blogging and using flickr. It's the best way to show your work, get compliments and stay motivated.

Katja has kindly made this headband and handprinted & handsewn camera to be given away right here to one of you!

To Enter

To enter is really simple! All you need to do is visit Katja's blog and comment here what you like about her blog. Be sure to leave your email so I can contact you if you win.

I will draw the name of the winner and post the winner here on my blog.

You have until this Friday (January 15) to enter!

Katja has also done a beautiful feature of me and my blog today so be sure to check it out! There is a giveaway as well on there!


HappyFroggy said...

I found your blog in Katja's blog XD
And I really like it!
Katja's blog is one of my favourites, I check it every-single-day. I like her creativity and her style. And I like that she writes a post almost every day. I would like to do it too, but I am not that constant.
i'd love to join the giveaway, the handmade camera is sooo cute ^^


(oh, my e-mail is

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the feature Katja did on you! I follow her and you as well (of course). It's so great to get to know her better by this feature!! The Gameboy ipod case is amazing!!! I love that she has the heavenly cute online class and hope to join it soon! Also that is is my new classmate and how HOLY CUTE her blog is :D Love you!!!!!

Mariana (: said...

I fell in love with Katja's blog a while ago :) Shes amazing! I really love how she manages to have time to work, craft and have a cute relationship! Her photos are so pretty I love that she is from Germany too! It's a different feeling, great nonetheless!! :)



Hope I win :) yays!

Amanda said...

Wow Katja's is very talented I love that she is so creative it really inspires me!!


magda said...

I love Katja's blog. Everything she posts is a true inspiration to me. And I like that she posts every day. Seeing something new always makes me smile and my day gets better :)

{tam*jan} said...

If it wasn't for Katja's blog I never would have learned how to make a granny square!

melissa kaye said...

I've been a fan of Katja's blog for awhile now. She's so creative and inspiring! My favorite thing she makes is her coffee to go brooches. They are lovely just like her. ;)

~Melissa Kaye

Luthien said...

I love Katja's blog. I only started to follow it recently, but it really gets me inspired.
I love her bow tutorial and I'm sure going to give it a try these days :)


Becca said...

I have been reading Katja's blog for a couple months now, and I am inspired by how much she creates with her busy schedule. I also have a very busy life, and often find it hard to have time to create, but she makes it look easy.


Vera said...

i have been a follower of Katja's blog for a while now & she still makes me smile with her cute , happy handmade things :) She always has new inspired ideas, love reading her blog everyday!


Miss Wanderlust said...

I absolutely love Katja's blog :) My favorite thing about her blog are her tutorials. She is the one who FINALLY taught me how to do a granny square!!!!
She is beautiful and awesome and creative :)

Crystal said...

I love the images. What I look for in a blog is individual images and groupings of images that inspire me. Katja has a knack for finding images that just jump off the screen at me.

chelseybell. said...

I love the features you guys did on each other--so fun to read! an such great stuff you both are giving away!

take this as an entry!

Col said...

I have just recently started following a lot of crafty blogs and Katja's is amazing! She is really talented and I will definitely keep reading :)

Cryssi said...

My favourite thing about Katja's blog is that she doesn't just blog for herself. Everytime I read her blog, I learn something new and I'm always inspired :)

amu said...

Carol my love! It has been so awesome to read all of the wonderful things that you write. I went to Katja's page and saw you on there and I really have to say that it melted my little heart to see so many people adoring you just as much as I do! <3 I am very excited to see all of the adorable things you are going to be creating with this course. It is going to be so good for you! Nourish that creative drive, you sexy lady! :)

jessica lozano said...

what i love about katja's blog is that she is always on th look to make something new!
she's so inspiring!

Tiffany said...

ooh, i really love those giveaway items!!

I love katja's generosity..always doing giveaways, tutorials, and so on. :)


ZoiHoku said...

Yeah, I totally love her! She is amazingly creative. ...and what a fab headband!

Anonymous said...

I also found your blog through her's, so i read it a lot. I especially like the "I heart you Sundays" and the tutorials :)
You both are very inspiring!


abeautifullove said...

I love the inspiration I get from Katja's blog like the I <3 sundays... and her lovely tutorials as well!

Cat said...

Thanks for posting this blog, it's always great to get to know awesome artists! Katja is very inspiring. I didn't get to sign up for Style School so I was excited to see her Heavenly Cute class! I'm hoping my budget allows it :) I love that she wants everyone to be an individual and be true to themselves and I love all the beautiful pictures she has on her blog :)


CaL said...

Hello! I recently found your blog via Katja's... she's such an amazing girl. I think more than anything else I love her inspirational photos... via her sunday posts! They are so amazing... is always fun to find such great inspiring photos! I also really love her tutorials, her polaroid tutorials are the best! But my favorite post has been her crafty journal that she made... it's like a style journal/who she is scrapbook! Pretty much
Anywhoo... I'm Cassandra... aka CaL... you can find me here:
& here:
p.s. you blog is lovely I'm so glad she did a feature of your blog!

Kaleigh said...

Hii! I discovered your blog through the Valentine's day card swap! You're crocheting abilities are wonderful, it's great motivation for beginners like me :).

Thank you for sharing Katja's blog, I really enjoyed it also! I was so delighted to see that her most recent post was about being a librarian because I have always dreamed of being one too! Not to mention, she makes super cute stuff that is so inspiring.


lizzie said...

i love everything about her blog! it's a daily stop for me on my blog runs to see what new things she has in store... esp the pictures of her in the snow... texas doesn't see much of that and it's so fun to see it!!

Whitney said...

I just checked out Katja's blog:
I LOVE her tutorials.
I think I'll make a pom pom owl this weekend!

Footin said...

I also found your blog thru Katja's blog today. I have only read a little of your blog so far and I like it.


kimi said...

Katja has this funky style that comes from across the ocean. Lovely and sincere.

Larisa said...

Aw, but there are so, so, so many things I love about her blog. It's just that warm feeling that she gives me everytime I read her posts. It's some kind of telepathy behind her words. It's that colorful Universe that I belong to.

She's both an amazing artist and person. I think her job is REALLY great -as a social worker, because, you know, I love helping people, too and, of course, as a creative cute girl <3

Her creative path is so bright, that she lighten many people's ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a great inspiration, artist and lovely person.


Caitlin said...

I love her tattoos and the paintings she does. Been reading her blog for awhile now and I love every moment of it. :)

Durão said...

Oh, I loved to check the "I heart you Sunday" posts!
They are beautiful and tender!

carlos_durao AT hotmail DOT com

Alexa said...

Well, I have been reading Katja`s blog for a while now, and I can say that I simply adore it <3 Every post inspires me, makes me smile and makes me want to find my creativity.
I am really impressed of her creations and also, of her cuteness <3


Edu Chico said...

Katja's beautiful eyes!

And, of course, her imagination and her cheerfulness!

educhico AT gmail DOT com

AJ said...

I love how positive and encouraging Katja is! It's always fun to read her blog :)

Cavalier said...

The way she peeks something ordinary and creates a imaginative and wonderful thing from there!
It's brilliant for me!

o_rei_de_havana AT hotmail DOT com

Jafantunes said...

For me, the best of her blog is the vintage stuff she finds.
She has really good taste in a popular and fun way!

Best wishes!


Strangelove said...


Just found this by accident, but loved the head band and the little stuffed camera. So, I hope you don't mind me joining the giveaway.

I went to check the blog and found the "I <3" project very sweet.
It is personal but the pictures are so well chosen everyone can feel something from them.

Also, the Plushies she makes are really great!

I will come back to your lovely blog (and Katja's too).