Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am featured again!

Today Cassandra from Nothing All At Once featured me! Check it out here! Thanks Cassandra!
Last night I got to chat with some awesome people! I haven't ever laughed so hard during one of our chats as I did last night! I really look forward to these chats every week! They are so much fun!

screenshots from Janel

I recieved my gift from the craft swap that Katie put together! My craft swap buddy was Amber and she made me this cutie owl and a pink hat! Thank you Amber! I love them!

Speaking of owls my parents gave me a needle felting kit for Christmas. Here is my first try at needle felting. He's not perfect but he's cute! And my brother named him Russell.

And I made this red panda brooch awhile back just for the fun of it. I think he turned out cute as well. He could probably pass as a fox as well! oh well... haha!


Carrie said...

I had fun last night to love those chats :D

you make the cutest stuff!


Jamie said...

Awww, Russell is so cute!!!
Love what you got in the swap! It's been so fun getting to know my swap partner!

Dear Skeletons said...

Awww you look so cute in your hat!! I'm glad it all got to you in one piece! And your fox and owl are sooooo cute. Oh wait it's a red panda ha ha ha I am bad but it's still very cute!!


Sonja said...

The little Panda is super cute! So is your owl! The name Russel fits him :) Lindsay always talks about those chats, gotta love web cams!

Meg said...

I love the owl and the panda/fox keychain, so cute! Congrats on the feature! Yay, we are finally melting here in Missouri, but now everthing is so muddy, you have to take what you get right?


Lindsay said...

oh goodness, theres that pic of me looking tortured again, hahahahaha! I love love our chats!! Your panda and owl are super cute!!! Grats on getting featured again :)

Sabrina said...

That little needle felting owl is so cute!

Diana said...

Ok, I was ALMOST going to join in on the chat the other night but I couldn't! I'm always wanting to, though!!

Nellie Mae said...

So cute!! Needle felting always looks so cool!! I would like to learn!

Chelsea said...

You got the cutest things in the swap! I love the little owl