Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just an update

Last weekend I got to meet Seth's classroom pet. I immediately fell in love! He is a guinea pig named Sam. He is like a little tiny cat! I want to keep him here but we can't have pets... Isn't he just the cutest though!?

I won the giveaway over at The Fiction We Live. Kyla is so sweet! She gave away a camera plushie, little jingle spiders and halloween candle jar! I LOVE the camera plushie! It's so soft and cute!! Be sure to check out her blog and etsy shop for more of her cuteness!

Thank you Kyla!!

I made my first pom pom yesterday using this tutorial by Domestifluff! I hope to sometime make this wreath using the tutorial that James put up on her blog yesterday!



Laurie Anne said...

What a great win! Love the camera! and those spiders are adorable :)x

Miss Wanderlust said...

that camera is too cute!!
I am in love with the wreath too! I started making the pom-pons and got them all finished and now I can't find the wreath that I bought. Of course :)
love love

Kate Bizarre said...

Awww!! I have two (really fat) Guinea pigs!

Pixel Wild Child said...

You lucky you won that giveaway, the camera is adorable! Nice pompoms too ;O)